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So you'd like to get a new pet? What's next? How do you care for your new family member?


Pet Toys

A pile of puppies soon turns into a rambunctious set of best friends.

With so much on your hands how do you manage them as they grow up?



These little tigers can get themselves into a lot of trouble but they can also be the sweetest cuddle buddies.

How do you get through the rigors of raising your cat?



It's late, it's a holiday, clinics are closed BUT my pet is not feeling well.

What should you do ?


Emergency Vehicles
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Photography by Cevan Coore

about ME

I was born into a family of animal lovers and had an early appreciation for many species. I also recognized at a tender age that Jamaica had a high number of strays not only in rural areas but also in urban ones.

Through volunteering and further exploration of the field, I concluded that I needed to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine. My focus was intended to be in small animal practice and specifically improving their local animal welfare. 

 While the latter remains my mission in my career, I have deepened my appreciation for a wider range of animals and through treatment and education I continue to find the profession to be a fulfilling one. 

Young Family with Pet Dog

Dr. Johnally goes above and beyond for her patients. She took amazing care of my many fur babies. She was always available whenever I had questions about their care and I really appreciated all of her hard work. My cats, though being treated took very well to Dr Johnally and immediately loved her. That's just a testament to how great she is!

Leslie Cumberbatch

Cat Owner


Best vet on the north coast. Great with my puppy and great with the whole family. She explains everything in detail so we know how to care for our puppy and is always available to us for questions.

Yasmeen Traile

Dog Owner

St. Ann

Dr. Johnally has been a doctor in the truest sense to my fur babies. She has consistently given the highest standard of care all whilst being very kind, understanding and compassionate. I would never hessitate to recommend her.

Dr. Yendi Buckeridge

Dog Owner

St. Andrew

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